Underwear Manufacturer
Is a comprehensive underwear manufacturer combining domestic and foreign trade which is engaged in bras, underwear, body-shaping body underwear, camisole and leggings with profound industry experience, strict quality control, and customer trust.
Producct Display
Enterprise Environment
Guangdong Fenghuating Clothing Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a deep design and development, production, domestic and export as one of the modern underwear production enterprises.
Qualificatioin Centificate
Adhere to the attitude of product quality, adhere to the pursuit of product cost-effective attitude, adhere to the market-oriented attitude, the use of scientific and reasonable working methods, continuous innovation, and continue to introduce high-quality products suitable for women's characteristics, pay attention to women's health, in line with the style of The Times, has won universal praise and praise.
Service Support
The company's business covers the international and domestic markets, and has formed three major operating systems based on international business department, domestic business Department and network product service department. It collaborates with the market in a variety of modes such as independent design and development, customer sample printing confirmation, target market fixed supply, etc., and its products are well recognized and loved by consumers.